You’ve spend the money, you’ve laid there for an hour and half to get a delicious, luscious full set of eye lash extensions and you’re telling me there’s post care??

It makes sense really; with beauty comes maintenance. Even with eyelash extensions, you need to see your lash expert every three weeks to keep your new lashes at their optimum. So a little extra care on your part in between appointments will give you luscious lashes for longer.. 
So what’s the low down on this maintenance??

 💦Don’t get them wet for 24hrs, this ensures maximum adhesion.

👀Avoid rubbing or pulling at your eyes.

 💪🏼You won’t need lash curls with your extensions. If you want a stronger curl, talk to your therapist.

🧖🏽‍♀️Hygiene of your lashes is important for their longevity and your eye health. At your initial appointment you should be offered and head home with a lash shampoo, brush & comb to cleanse your lashes.

❌Avoid mascara. If you do… only apply lightly to the ends. No oil based or waterproof mascaras. Remove gently using your oil free eye makeup remover.

🛁After showering or swimming be careful not to rub your eyes. Blot with your towel and allow to air dry.

🧴When using skin care avoid the lash line. Oil based products over time will break down the lash adhesive.

☎️ Depending on how full you like your lashes kept you would need to infill your extensions every 2-4 weeks. We recommend three weekly appointments.

So that’s the down low of lash extensions. If you ever have any questions to hesitate to talk to your lash technician or even feel free to contact us on:☎️ (02) 6687 5477📱0459 BEAUTY (232 889) 🖥