While ‘fake’ tanning has been around since the 1920’s (Thank you Coco Chanel) it’s easy to forget the do’s or don’ts of spray tanning. 

Believe it or not there are still some of us out there who haven’t gotten on the ‘fake’ tanning band wagon yet.

So for those who haven’t tanned before,  or those who need a refresher, here’s the tips to optimise your tan:


  1. 🧽 Scrub, scrub, scrub – the night before or the morning of your tan, scrub your body from head to toe. Concentrate on the tough areas like elbows, knees, ankles and heels. 
  2. ✨ Be freshly showered and clear of all deodorants, moisturisers (a little on your face for comfortability is ok-we don’t want your face to crack) and makeup. If you’re having your tan after work or showering doesn’t fit into the day’s schedule (we get it life’s busy) ask for a baby wipe or towel to remove any excess product off your body. 
  3. 👗 Bring loose fitting clothing – wearing a light summer dress, sarong or loose fitting clothing after your tan will save you from the potential of your tan rubbing off in tight fitting areas and getting marks developed into your tan prior to showering. 
  4. 👙 Consider your underwear: if going butt naked in front of a stranger isn’t your thing (I promise we don’t care, we are looking at where the tan is going not at any lumps or bumps you think you may have) then any underwear you’re comfortable in (less is best) or your swimwear is suitable. There is also disposable G-strings available. Which ever you choose, wear them home and stay in them until it’s shower time. 
  5. 🪒 Any hair removal treatments (waxing, shaving or depilatory creams) should be done prior to treatment. 


  1. ⏰ Time to wait… – All tans have different developing times, so make sure to check with your therapist as to how long you need to leave your tan on before you wash it off in the shower. Some tans only require 1-4hrs, others may need 8+ hrs. 
  2. ❄️Stay cool and avoid activities or climates that will make you sweat. 
  3. 💦 Avoid water at all costs. This will wash of your tan and won’t allow for correct developing time. 
  4. 🖐 Avoid touching yourself, you will end up with tan in your palms. 
  5. 🚿 Shower time- Once in the shower, it’s important to run your hands over your body to remove any bronzer. Do this until the water runs clear. You may use your regular HYDRATING body wash (avoid detox body washes or soap), however, avoid using scrubs or sponges which might disturb the tan. After the shower, pat yourself dry with your towel.
  6. 👀 Keep in mind you will see your ‘tan’ washing off down the drain. Don’t worry, as this is the bronzer in the tan so you therapist can see where the tan is going. 


  1. ❌ In the days following your tan, make sure to avoid any body scrubs, spas or extended swimming sessions, bath or saunas- these things will wear off your tan quickly and may result in a patchy tan. 
  2. 🧴Keep up the moisture!- Make sure to moisturise (avoid moisturizers with AHA’s or Glycolic acids, these will naturally exfoliate your body) your whole body every day after your tan. This will ensure your skin is nice and supple, which helps make your tan last longer. 
  3. 👗 Again, tight fitting clothing ie. bra, gym clothing, shoes & socks, can cause tan to rub off in those areas. Particularly in the lead up to events, keep this in mind for event outfits. 
  4. ⏰ If these steps are followed, you can reasonably expect your tan to last in top condition between 5-7 days.

Lastly, after your tan starts to wear off… start list again 💕