Do you love your skin feeling squeaky clean? You crinkle your face after a shower and your skin feels like it could crack it’s soooo clean??

Chances are you’ve stripped the natural acid mantle of your skin and that feeling.. is your skin going into panic mode. 

Your skins natural job (along with being the largest organ of the body) is to produce oil to act like a force field over your face to protect you from the elements. 

Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can, in fact, make your skin panic and produce twice as much oil to make up for what you’re cleansing away. 

Cleansing is a twice a day part of your routine. Morning and night. At bare minimum night time is best. Washing off the day is vital to our skins health. Dirt, smog, pollution, air-conditioning, sunscreens and day creams all need to be removed as our skin does all it’s healing and repairing while you’re asleep. What’s double cleansing I hear you ask? Once to take off your makeup and the day and the second time is to actually CLEAN your skin. For our morning routine cleansing just once is ok as your just washing off your night creams and preparing your skin for the day ahead. 

Getting the right cleanser for your skin type can be confusing.. there’s so many on the market. Ones for skin type, ones for skin concerns, foams, gels, creams, all-in-ones. I don’t blame you for being confused. 

First thing to make sure is your cleanser is PH balanced. Secondly, it needs to be for the right skin type. While this can be hard to work what your true skin type is and not your brain telling you you are a greasing oil pit, commonly people classify them selves on the wrong skin type. Generally one skin type off. If you think your oily chances are you’re likely to be more normal combination. If you don’t have access to your skincare professional put yourself in the next category up from where you think. 

Lastly, the texture of your cleanser is a personal preference. Foams, creams or gels, it is up to you. Just remember it’s not squeaky clean you want, clean but comfortable.

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