The protector. The force field. The cling wrap. 

During the day, skin is subject to damaging UV rays, pollution, environmental stresses, and makeup, all of which can wreak havoc on skin that’s not adequately protected. Creams that are designed specifically for use during the day are primarily focused on protection and support. 

Day creams are usually designed to be worn under cosmetics, so they tend to have light, non-greasy formulas that are absorbed quickly into the skin and allow pores to breathe. 

Like all other skincare, day creams comes in all forms of gels, lotion, cream-gels and creams. Which of those textures you choose is entirely a personal preference. What matters is what skin type or concern you want to treat. It’s the ingredients within your day cream that will do all the leg work for you. 

If your still confused don’t forget to reach out to your beauty therapist for a skin consultation to ensure your getting the correct product for what you and your skin needs.