Have you noticed with the change of season and the increase in winds the skin on your body is starting to look like a wrinkly old tomato??

Moisturizing & exfoliating your body is one of the most important and underrated ways that you can care for your skin. Not only does it keep your skin looking luminous, but it also slows down common signs of aging, softens rough patches, protects skin against environmental damage, and replenishes moisture lost throughout the day. 

Believe it or not the skin on our body compared to our faces is quite different. The thickness varies, padding parts of your body more prone to wear and tear with thick skin and placing thinner skin on the parts of your body that take less of a beating. 

While your skin will go through a natural exfoliation process every 28 days, helping your skin along by exfoliating 1-2 times weekly will leave your skin fresh and vibrant. This can be done with a product such as a sugar scrub or beaded exfoliant, a loofa, dry body brushing, or shower mitt.  Make sure you concentrated on the rougher areas such as elbows & knees. 

The definition of moisturizing is: a cosmetic preparation, as a cream or lotion, used to restore moisture to the skin. So make sure your lathering the skin on your body at least once a day or twice depending on your skins hydration levels and environmental factors. 

You can help your skins hydration by ensuring your showers are not too hot, patting your skin dry & moisturising directly after you shower or bath.