The one simple product that is easily forgotten in our skincare routine is also the one that can make a whole world of difference to preparing your skin and allowing for correct absorption of serums and creams. 

In the past, toners were deemed unnecessary, or too astringent, (who remembers good old witch hazel?) and incredibly drying on the skin, all of which are definitely not conducive to a radiant and healthy complexion. These days, toners do just the opposite. With a focus on balancing out the PH level of your skin, neutralising any remaining water from cleansing and most importantly preparing your skin for your nexts steps of your skincare routine. 

While in the past, toning was used as a second cleansing step, it is no more. Thank you double cleansing. There’s also no need to let your skin dry before apply serums or creams. In fact if you allow your toner to dry on your skin your counteracting the exact purpose for your toner. 

Your serums and creams will be delivered deeper into the essential layers of the skin while your skin is still wet from your toner. 

One last toner myth busting fact… apply directly to your skin using your hands or a spritz. No need for product wasting cotton rounds any longer.