Treatment serums are highly concentrated targeted products to give your skin the kick or boost its needs. Treatment serums will have a smaller molecular structure allowing it to be delivered into the deeper cellular layers where it’s needed. This can make them a higher price point than any other skin care product, but don’t let the price deter you from the powerful impact they can provide.  

Serums should work in conjunction with your other skin care products, but they don’t replace them. Generally, they will be gel or liquid based and of a very light texture. They are to be applied directly after toning (balancing layer) and before moisturising (protective layer) 

There is a product on the market for every single skin concern or skin type. Hydration, Pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, brightening.. you name it, so having a skin consultation with your beauty therapist is the best way to ensure you’re getting the correct product for what you and your skin needs. If this isn’t possible, look for a treatment serum that will meet your skins needs or your desires for where you want your skin to be.

A serum for hydration is a great start and will meet a lot of your skin needs, as we are all more dehydrated than we think. If you want to go a little further, then a serum with a antioxidant focus or vitamin boost for the day (think berocca for your skin) Night time is when your skin wants to repair and heal itself, so a serum with a retinol, AHA or stimulant for collagen production will give your skin its best chance for anti-aging & repair, at all ages. (ensure you wash these off in the morning as they can react with the sun)