Water is the key to enhancing your beauty and to prolonging your youthful look. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday gives you fresh, soft and glowing skin. It helps maintain the optimal body temperature, keeping the skin moist. It hydrates and replenishes the skin tissues leading to an increase in the skin’s elasticity. This helps delay the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark circles or fine lines.

Not only does water give you life, its consumption brings certain other benefits as well, such as healthy nails. When your nails are properly nourished by water, they produce a shiny layer of alpha keratin which enhances their appeal. Water also enhances the growth of nails, especially their thickness. It is the easiest way of avoiding the painful peeling of cuticles.

I don’t go far without this water bottle tagging along (I’m still not always great a keeping my water up) but I certainly notice when I’ve been slack. Try starting with one extra glass a day.

Anatomically, our body is primarily composed of bones, organs and blood, with blood being the main connective fluid which contributes about 8% of our total body weight. Furthermore, blood is composed of two core components, straw-coloured plasma (55%) and proteinous blood corpuscles (45%). This alkaline fluid plasma is made up of 90-92% water. When your blood circulation is optimal, the results can be seen on your skin as well. With just the right amount of intake of water, you won’t be needing a blush to makes your cheeks glow pink or a lip-gloss to make your lips look rosy. Not only does water keep your skin hydrated, this life-saving drink eventually affects every organ system of your body, right from the muscular to the digestive.